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We are a Sammamish Issaquah based Computer, mobile phone, and Media in-home support service that can help you set up or troubleshoot most computer or home entertainment systems.  We specialize in Apple Mac, OS X and iOS iCloud systems, but can help with other Windows or Android products and internet setup. Having lived in the same home for over 20 years, we will provide you with a trusted and proven service guaranteed to get you up and running again.  

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Our Services

Trusted In-Home Service - Satisfaction Guaranteed

iMac and MacBook, WiFi, Internet Network, iPhone & iPad, and Printer
Setup & Support

Need help with a new computer, MacBook or iPhone? Having trouble getting your printer to connect? Wifi not working the way you want?
We can help.  


Sammamish Issaquah Computer Support is committed to making your life easier with convenient and comprehensive support when you need it most. Get in touch today to learn more about the services we offer.

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Application Software Support and Assistance

Need help setting up email, working with Microsoft office Word, Excel, or Powerpoint? Need a hand with Quicken, Safari web browsing, Facebook or managing your passwords?  
Not sure why iMac isn't talking to iCloud or iPhone?  Need some basic training on using your new computer or iPad or iPhone?  
We can help!

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Computer and Network Internet Purchase Guidance

Are you trying to figure out what to buy?  Need help determining the best computer, wireless WiFi router, cable service for you? Are you tired of trying to decipher computer jargon and just want to ask someone what to do in plain English?  We can help.


TV Streaming and Audio Setup

Having trouble connecting your TV or Audio?  Streaming video or music services not working the way you want? Need some help figuring out how to use Netflix or Comcast Xfinity, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast? Want to get On-Demand HBO/Showtime/Starz on your computer, iPhone, iPad or TV? Audio sound not working the way you want? We can help.

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About Us

Sammamish Issaquah Computer Support was founded with one thing in mind: Trust.  


I started this business to help people who want access to someone they can trust with a good understanding of how confusing it can be to set up and support computers, networks and TVs today.


My parents and in-laws in California were struggling to get local in-home help from someone they could trust with their very personal information and digital identities.  When it comes to online banking/investing on computers and phones, you cannot take chances.  


I have been a resident of Sammamish/Issaquah for over 20 years, and before that I was 3rd generation
San Franciscan.  I have an undergrad degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Cal Poly and an MBA from UW.  My wife and I have graduated three daughters in the tech field (one works at Apple, one in Tech Law, and one in Chemistry).  I am well known in the community and I will be the ONLY person working on your services. 

I have extensive experience supporting Apple and Windows products, iPhone and Android phones, consumer electronics, home computer networks, and internet services.  

Countless people have trusted me to help them with their technology issues, and I look forward to working with you as well.  


Contact Us

We service zip codes 98074, 98075, 98029, 98027.  Would you like additional information about our repairs and other related services? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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